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We’re software developers at heart. And we want to make life easier for your integrators, application developers, and system administrators. So the Dozuki team has built hundreds of useful tools to provide that ease—including extensive data access points.

Secure and Flexible API

Enable your developers to easily navigate your programs—with Dozuki’s comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API). Even give them access to portable data, so they can pull content out or upload new content in programmatically.

  • Pull comprehensive work order history from the Work Log API
  • Using the Write API is a secure way to input data from other systems
  • Access content in JSON and XML for quick data parsing

Embedded Made Easy

Let your dynamic content live where it benefits your company the most. Using Dozuki’s prepackaged API calls or Embeds, your developers can put essential content anywhere—from internal training portals to product support pages.  

  • Copy important content from the Dozuki site onto yours
  • System integration is made easy with our flexible API
  • Don’t hesitate to make changes. Your embedded content automatically updates

 dozuki api integration

We’re “Open” for IT

We internally built the Dozuki platform from the ground up—but we’re huge fans of sharing code with other teams. To show our support, we’ve created and hosted a variety of code repositories. Think of these as quick start projects for IT teams.

  • Access projects backed by thousands of development hours invested, for free
  • Leverage Dozuki app source code for use in your other apps
  • Use our quickstart code to easily integrate authentication between Dozuki and your other systems