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Creating, modifying, and distributing documentation is complicated. Dozuki lets you control everything from a single location so you can manage content with ease. 

Centralized Creation

Tired of being tethered? Desktop applications, like Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, tend to restrict authors to specific workstations. But you should have the freedom to create content anywhere—not just at a desk. Our cloud-based interface enables you to create where you want to. 

  • Exercise the freedom of a mobile workstation
  • Create content in the office or out in the field

Centralized Distribution

Don’t hesitate to modify your documents. Dozuki makes releasing revisions quick and easy through its single-source publishing model. Once you click save, changes you make are instantly recognized everywhere those documents are being viewed—including your PDFs and mobile apps.  

  • Never waste time tracking down outdated documents
  • Update all of your documentation from a single location
  • Ensure that everyone has the most recent information
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Centralized Control

It’s important that your documents are secure and monitored. Dozuki’s built-in document control provides just that. Not only can you determine who publishes comments on each document, you can also review or approve changes to them.

  • Regulate end-user access on a per-document basis
  • Manage who can make future modifications to content
  • Flexible approval workflows route pending changes to the right people