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Documentation filled with blocks of technical jargon is intimidating, time consuming, and hard to understand. To ensure a successful end-user experience, it’s crucial to use visuals in your documentation. Visuals—like photos, videos, and diagrams—are quick, easy, and clear.

visual work instructions documentation software

Photographs & Videos

Most people are visual thinkers. They sketch out a process or mentally visualize steps before tackling a project. By providing end users with photo and video instructions, you’ll not only help them save time and energy—you’ll also foster their confidence. 

  • Visuals promote consistency and prevent confusion
  • Long paragraphs of text take longer to understand, especially for non-English speaking employees
  • Videos help you quickly demonstrate movement, like rotation

Built-In Markup Tools

Markup tools are a great way to make needed notations on an image. They allow you to highlight key details—like individual screws or special components. And they guarantee that your instructions are exceptionally precise.

  • Markup tools are built in—you’ll never need additional software
  • Small details, like fasteners and connectors, can be quickly highlighted
  • Different color options allow you to clearly coordinate visual markers with relevant instructions
documentation markup tools

work instruction documentation management software

Intuitive Navigation

Good documentation is only useful if your end users can find it. Dozuki provides your end users a centralized place to find everything they need. End users can confidently click, scroll, and tap through the visual hierarchy of your content.

  • Click directly on an image to access corresponding documentation
  • Benefit from optimized visual navigation, even on tablets and smartphones
  • Avoid confusion and use visuals to find pages, links, and categories