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Stop struggling to make users follow procedures,
and start improving your business
with real-time analytics.

Dozuki allows you to insert customizable prompts throughout every procedure, so you can stream essential information on everything—from quality control to work order progress.

Dozuki Data Capture

Capture Key Metrics

The data you get from disconnected paper and digital systems only shows you part of the picture.

Dozuki goes beyond traditional work instructions and checklists to provide reporting on timing, quality issues, sign-offs, and more..

  • Keep teams focused with a step-by-step display
  • Insert customizable data capture prompts throughout your procedures

Real-Time Intelligence

Easy to configure dashboards let you identify opportunities for growth, and make informed decisions based on integrated systems. 

  • Stream live production data from anywhere
  • Integrate with other popular reporting tools, like Crystal Reports
  • Configure dashboards to track data that matters most to your business


Tracking who worked on a specific part or component can be frustrating. In Dozuki, every employee has a unique login and can be tracked by a specific procedure or work order.

  • Don’t waste time searching for employee information
  • Review which employees are trained for certain equipment or techniques
  • Track work orders progress in real-time

Track Your Timing

Ditch the stopwatch. Dozuki captures rich timing data every instance an end user performs a procedure—so you can record all of your productivity booms and busts.

  • Review performance data, like leaderboards and work order charts
  • Integrate timing data with your existing ERP system