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Dozuki is a mobile-ready documentation platform. Developed with content portability in mind, our system offers a streamlined user experience and a variety of features that remote employees will appreciate. Empower your mobile workforce with applications that work in the office and out in the field.

 mobile work instructions software

Knowledge On Demand

You should have access to your documentation anywhere at anytime. Dozuki mobile apps provide that access. Not only can you pull up your documentation wherever you need it, but your documentation is always syncing to find the latest updates—which means you’ll always have the most recent information on your tablet or smartphone.  

  • Modifications made to guides will be instantly available on all devices
  • Review procedures, parts, and tools back in the office or even while doing a job

Mobile Creation

Don’t carry around a heavy laptop or bulky camera equipment to create content. Dozuki mobile apps allow you to easily and quickly publish full guides right from your smartphone or tablet.  

  • Write procedures anywhere, even out in the field
  • Upload photos remotely to strengthen processes
  • Edit, revise, and improve documentation instantly

Offline Access

You may not always have Internet access. And that’s okay. Whether your Internet connection is unreliable or you’re in an area without Wi-Fi service, Dozuki mobile apps are prepared. Just add critical documentation to your favorites list and they will be saved on your device for offline use.  

  • Access all of your favorite documentation with ease
  • Don’t limit your work just to areas with reliable Internet access
  • Updates are synced when Internet connection is restored

Confidence in Compatibility 

Dozuki mobile apps are available on iOS and Android devices. Regardless of what type of smartphone or tablet you and your end-users are working with, we’ve got a compatible mobile app just for you.

  • Dozuki iOS apps are supported on all iPhones, iPods, and iPads
  • Dozuki Android apps can be used on all tablets and smartphones running Android