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Dozuki’s translation tools ensure your documentation is comprehensible to all of your users—regardless of what language they speak. With over 80 languages to choose from—including Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, and German—your users can instantly view your content in their preferred language, with just the click of a button.

There are three different modes of translation for your Dozuki site: Machine Translation, Machine Translation with a Glossary, and Setting a Default Language.

reduce documentation translation costs

Machine Translation

The Machine Translation mode allows your users to quickly and easily view your content in any language. Any user can select their desired language from the Language Drop-down menu, and instantly view your entire Dozuki site in the language of their choice. Language translations are done through a machine translation tool and set on an account-by-account basis—accommodating even the most diverse workforces.

Translation Glossary

Sometimes Machine Translations aren’t perfect. Dozuki’s glossary feature was designed to make these translations more accurate. Once a user has set their preferred language to view your site in, they can help improve the translation by suggesting particular terms and phrases in the site’s glossary. Once added to the glossary, those terms and phrases can be approved by an Administrator. 

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Default Languages

If you want your Dozuki site to be viewable in only one language, you can assign your site’s interface and content a default language. 

Note: At this time only the following languages can be set as a site’s default language: English, French, German, Italian, Turkish, Dutch, and Spanish.