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Maintain ISO 9001 compliance and achieve AS9100 certification with Dozuki. Our standardized, easily adoptable framework for documentation makes certification easy.


Controlled Documents

Effective document control is critical to obtaining and maintaining your certification. With Dozuki, you have complete control over who can approve changes.. 

  • Stay informed with notifications of all changes needing review
  • Streamline processes with electronic approvals
  • Quickly handle revisions and verifications

Easy Continuous Improvement

Procedures benefit from multiple collaborators, but most solutions make improvements extremely inconvenient. Dozuki empowers stakeholders to provide feedback—without compromising stringent document control.

  • Continually improve processes with built-in feedback tools
  • Gather insights from end-users as they follow procedures
  • Maintain certification with custom approval routings for suggested changes


Track technicians, products, and all essential data captured during procedures. Closely follow everything as orders progress or audit specific batches with convenient reporting tools.

  • Track work order history without hassle
  • Trace product defects back to specific workstations
  • Display real-time information about your production environment
 work order documentation software
 AS9100 work instructions management Dozuki

Level 1-4 Documents

AS9100 outlines 4 levels of documentation critical to an effective quality management program. Dozuki helps you realize the biggest gains with levels 3 & 4: Work Instructions and Forms & Record Management. 

  • Plug-and-play work instruction templates  
  • Standardized formats for your content
  • Collect quality data within procedures