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We help companies improve their documentation.

Dozuki has proven success with organizations across a variety of industries. From small teams to distributed enterprises, thousands of customers use Dozuki every day to work more effectively.

Whether they are implementing Dozuki for electronic work instructions, service documentation, or training—each customer has a unique story.

Achieving ISO Certification With Dozuki

The team at Automation Plastics in Ohio used Dozuki to achieve ISO certification and drastically reduce employee training time by over 90%.


Process Efficiency with Dozuki

With hundreds of customized equipment being built for customers, the engineers at AML Oceanographic were spending hundreds of hours writing and distributing unique processes. 

After implementing Dozuki, they saw a 71% reduction in updating time and a 57% reduction in authoring time. 


Food Manufacturing Demands Consistency

Del Monaco Foods’ leadership team wanted to increase employee comprehension and maintain a clean production floor for USDA and FDA inspections.

They didn’t have the right systems in place to scale their operations, until they discovered Dozuki.


Preparing for ISO Certification With Dozuki

As they moved closer to their ISO certification deadline, CountyLine Tool realized Dozuki was going to be essential to their future success.

Now they have an organized way to create, edit, and maintain work instructions for future growth.


Reliable Guides for Field Service Technicians

For years, Sterling Bank’s documentation was locked up in outdated Word documents, making it challenging to access guides in the field.

That all changed when they discovered Dozuki.


Electronic Work Instructions for Modern Students

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo maintains a fleet of manufacturing equipment, from laser cutters to CNC machining centers, which students operate, calibrate, and repair.

Students replaced outdated, lifeless, imprecise manuals with the rich media Dozuki supports.


Consistent Documents for Quality Customer Service

For years, Precision Valve & Automation (PVA) created their private and public facing documents in Microsoft Word. But that only created confusion and miscommunication across teams.

With Dozuki, both external and internal teams are always on the same page.


More Confident Field Service Technicians

Communicating with distributed teams is a challenge. Emailing memos and PowerPoint work instructions to employees wasn't allowing for effective communication.

Streamlining company communication and productivity wouldn't have been possible without Dozuki.


Moving Beyond Unstructured Wiki Sites

For years, MBX Systems used the generic PmWiki system to create work instructions. But the unstructured nature of the system was creating numerous time and quality issues.

Now, their old wiki system has been replaced with documents and further customized using the flexible API Dozuki provides.


Interactive, Online Guides Customers Love

An emphasis on customer support is essential to Crucial, a distributor of memory drives. But—for many—upgrading computer components isn’t easy.

With Dozuki, they were able to give customers intuitive, online guides that are easy to use.


Centralized Employee Training

Providing accurate training materials to new employees was always a challenge for the Spraggs & Co. law firm. 

By migrating their processes into online Dozuki guides, everything is now streamlined—and they can share tips and tricks across teams.


Data Driven Employee Training

The iFixit teams used to use a spreadsheet to describe every toolkit they assemble. New hires had to physically be walked through the steps about 10 times.

Now, they just show trainees the Dozuki site and their productivity starts immediately.