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The Dozuki Workshop Series (DWS) is a growing collection of free, live-streamed educational seminars hosted by the Dozuki team. From producing engaged employees to preparing your company for ISO certification, this series is designed to assist you in your professional development endeavors.

Season Three

Ep 6: iFixit's Plan to Train the World

Guest Kyle Wiens, joins us to discuss iFixit’s mission of training the world to fix everything.

How do you accomplish a task so grand? By setting the gold standard for online repair documentation and capturing the knowledge of experts. See how this revolutionary training model helped over 80 million people repair broken devices in 2015 alone.


Ep 5: Training Within Industry 101

Present instructions to users in clear, concise and memorable ways with Training Within Industry (TWI). With these building blocks in place you can leverage TWI to increase productivity and quality work.

Patrick Graupp of the TWI Institute will cover the basics and help you get started, including a live demonstration of how to create a job breakdown.



Ep 4: Simplified Technical English

Streamline what you say and how you say it. Simplified Technical English (STE) has already been widely adopted in Aerospace and Defense industries, see how it is being used elsewhere to reduce confusion and costs.

Shumin Chen, Head of Training and Implementation at Shufrans TechDocs, highlights how STE can help your teams. 



Ep 3: Hacking Your Factory

Modern manufacturers are always searching for the latest and greatest technologies to stay innovative. But what if the innovation you've been looking for is already on your factory floor?

It's time to start hacking. Join us for "Hacking Your Factory" with Brian Buss, VP of CloudQMS.

Want your people to be better problem solvers? Treat every problem as an opportunity. Gemba Academy's Director of Customer Success Steve Kane will guide audiences through this free three-part miniseries on how to understand problems, implement countermeasures, and collaborate with process owners. 


Learn Journey pt I: 
People vs. Problems

When it comes to problem solving, you need to identify the leader and understand their role. Only then can you attempt to countermeasures using The Scientific Method, PDCA, and A3 Thinking. 

Learn about:

  • Understanding your leaders role in problem solving
  • The scientific method
  • PDCA and A3 thinking

Lean Journey pt 2: 
Understand Your Problems

When it comes to problems—there's more than meets the eye. You need to break the problem down to come up with a concise problem statement. Learn the eight-step problem solving method to implement countermeasures, determine effectiveness, and standardize improvements. 

Learn about: 

  • Problem statements: What is the problem you need to solve?
  • The eight-step problem solving method

Lean Journey pt 3: 
Developing People Into Problem Solvers

Problem solving is about people. So it's important to understand The 6 Basic Human Needs. Find out how they're a game changer to your problem solving strategies. Don't miss this discussion on leadership characteristics and continuous improvement. 

Learn about: 

  • The culture of Kaizen
  • The 6 basic human needs
  • Characteristics of a Kaizen leader

Season Two

Ep 7: Dozuki In Action

Want to change your documentation from paper to paperless? Interested in building traceability into your processes? Need multilingual support for your diverse staff?

Brian Sallee, VP of Sales at Dozuki, hosts this comprehensive dem, showing you how various industries and Fortune 500 companies are using Dozuki's innovative documentation tools.

 open source data center adoption

Ep 6: Empowering Change Through Open Source

What does Open Source mean? Why should I care? Where do I begin? Join Amber Graner, Operations Director and Community Manager for the Open Compute Project (OCP) Foundation, to answer these tough questions.

Amber shares how the OCP Foundation inspired—and empowered—organizations to change their data centers ecosystems. This workshop also examines how Open Source principles drive change, accelerate innovation, and lower cost. 

 food manufacturing work instructions USDA inspections

Ep 5: From Paper To Paperless

Want to be free to do what matters most to you? Ready to innovate your company's culture? Looking to drastically improve your team's effectiveness? It's time to go paperless.

Danell Dow, Talent Development Leader at Del Monaco Foods, shares her experiences converting this mid-size food manufacturer to paperless systems and helps you focus on what's most important: developing your people and perfecting your product. 

Ep 4: Videography Tips & Tricks

Your electronic work instructions are good. Let's make them great. Join iFixit's Lead Technical Writer Andrew Goldberg and Video Hostess Gwendolyn Gay to learn how to effectively incorporate videos into electronic work instructions.

This dynamic duo will teach you how to strategically put videos in your guides, how to properly frame every shot, and how to ensure constant user success. 


Ep 3: Cal Poly's Lean Systems 101

Karen Bangs, Lecturer at California Polytechnic State University—a top rated U.S. Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering college—to learn how lean can help your business.

Backed with impressive industry experiences from Skyworks Solutions and Conexant, Bangs walks you through a survey of lean management tools to help improve workflow, for both manufacturing and administrative purposes.  


Ep 1: Goodyear's Guide to Lean Product Development 

When it comes to product development, applying lean fundamentals can often fall short.

Join Norbert Majerus, Shingo Prize Winner, and Sr Master Black Belt at Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, for an in-depth look at how Goodyear successfully implemented lean principles, overcame obstacles, and transitioned to lean development cycles.

Season One


Ep 6: 45 Minutes to Better Writing

Julia Bluff, Editor in Chief of iFixit and co-author of the popular Tech Writing Handbook, teaches a crash course on technical writing and communication.

In this workshop, you'll learn how to write strategically, employ concision, co-write with your colleagues, and communicate via multi media. 

Season Special: Live Demo For Manufacturers

Brian Sallee, hosts a live demo of Dozuki, the software solution for manufacturers. 

He highlights the platform's robust features, the common obstacles of transitioning to a paperless system, and security measures to keep your electronic work instructions secure.


Ep 4: 5S –The Launchpad to Lean

Steven Kane, Director of Sales and Marketing at Gemba Academy LLC, dives into the ins-and-outs of 5S.

Deceptively simple, 5S can seem like mere guidelines to keep your workplace clean and orderly. But in this episode, Steven illustrates how 5S can be an effective launchpad for a variety of lean initiatives. 


Ep 3: Taking Professional Photographs

Miroslav Djuric, Chief Information Architect of iFixit, delivers a crash course on taking professional photographs. Miro is the man behind iFixit's internationally renowned teardowns and repair guides.

Learn everything from composing photographs for technical communication to understanding the market for camera equipment.


Ep 2: ISO Crash Course

J.F. DeBetz, CEO and Process Improvement Specialist of The Business Fixers, gives viewers an ISO overview—with bits of wisdom from the Dilbert comic strip. 

Join us as we cover the basics, highlight the differences between ISO certification compliance, and answer questions ranging from standardization processes to critical terminology.

Ep 1: Designing Competence

Shaun Browne, President of the Digital Mentor Group, gives us a crash course in people-first training program design. "People-first" means writing to a specific audience—your employees—and winning them over by creating instructions and workflows that show you understand what they need to be successful.

Shaun walks through building competent, capable employees and covers a variety of practical exercises that you can implement at your company right away.