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Electronic Work Instructions

Documentation tools for leaner processes

Dozuki’s Electronic Work Instructions solution enables your company to create, modify, and distribute critical processes in seconds—straight from your authorized internet-enabled devices. Our platform not only helps you standardize your procedures with beautiful photos and videos, concise bullet points, and handy mark-up tools, but it also hosts data collection capabilities.

Service Documentation

On-demand service information from anywhere

Not all service documents are created equal. Most are written with bulky paragraphs and poorly sketched images. But Dozuki’s step-by-step guides are designed with beautiful visuals, interactive features, and streamlined processes—making them the most effective way to teach people to do things the right way, every single time.

Product Support

Ditch paper booklets for mobile user manuals

People are loyal to the companies and the products they can depend on. Provide effective product support manuals—and people will depend on you for years. Dozuki's Product Support solution helps create step-by-step, media-rich guides for all of your products.

Visual Training

Clear and engaging, step-by-step guides

Engaged employees are effective employees. Dozuki helps you develop dynamic training documentation with clean, interactive modules and a variety of visual tools, including CAD drawings, code examples, and screencasts.

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